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09.06.2018 |


Support to WAPP ICC initial operation
Cotonou, Benin and WAPP countries

1.    Publication reference


2.    Procedure


3.    Programme title

Improved governance of the energy sector in West Africa (AGoSE – AO)

4.    Financing

11th EDF Regional Indicative Programme

Financing Agreement n°ROC/FED/39-384

5.    Contracting Authority

WAPP General Secretariat

6.    Nature of contract


7.    Contract description

The West African Power Pool (WAPP) is a specialized institution of ECOWAS operating in the general interest of the regional power network system. WAPP Members comprise public and private power generation, transmission and distribution entities involved in the operation of the power system in West Africa. The WAPP Secretariat General is established in Cotonou, Benin.

The main objective of the WAPP is to ensure a stable supply of electricity, reliable and affordable for ECOWAS citizens. WAPP promotes regional power exchanges and the development of regional interconnection and generation projects.

With the support of the European union, WAPP is presently implementing an Information and Coordination Center (ICC) for the coordination of the national systems operation and to manage the regional electricity market. Two works contracts are ongoing: one for the construction of a building in Cotonou, and another one for the supply and installation of equipment in Cotonou and in the different national systems.

In order to properly organize and operate the ICC, WAPP is looking for the support and assistance of an international and experienced Transmission System Operator that would assist it in the initial stages of operation, within a corresponding service contract.

8.    Indicative budget

4 000 000 EUR

9.    Intended timing of publication of the contract notice

July 2018

10. Additional information


11. Legal basis

Annex IV to the Partnership Agreement between the members of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States of the one part, and the European Community and its Member States, of the other part, signed in Cotonou on 23 June 2000 as amended in Luxembourg on 25 June 2005 and in Ouagadougou on 22 June 2010. Reference is made to Annex IV as revised by Decision 1/2014 of the ACP-EU Council of Ministers of 20 June 2014.

Key figures

  • 17 060 020 MWh
    WAPP Consumption Q4 2020
    16 798 772 MWh
    Total Energy generated Q4 2020
  • 10 641 MW
    Peak load Q4 2020
    12 666 MW
    Available Capacity Q4 2020
  • 21 216 037536 MWh
    Hydro Energy Generated 2020

Technical and financial partners