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Distribution & Commercialisation Committee

  • Electricity Company of GHANA (DISTRIBUTION NETWORK DATA)
    The Electricity Company of Ghana is a wholly Ghana Government owned utility company responsible for the distribution of electrical energy in the Southern part of Ghana.
  • Presentation of SENELEC
    Presentation of SENELEC WAAP
  • Meeting of the distribution of the distribution committe marketing
  • Presentation of the Ivoirian Electricity Company
    Decentralized into 12 Regional Directions Attached to 2 Operations Directions. These Regional Directorates are Assisted by a Technical Distribution Department, a And Customer and by a Directorate of...
  • IKEDC data for distribution and commercial committee meeting
    Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company covers the northern segment of Lagos State and boarded by Ogun state.
  • Terms of Reference for Consultancy Services for WAPP Distribution Utilities Development Programme
    The West African Power Pool Is a specialized institution within ECOWAS with diplomatic immunities to operate in all ECOWAS member states


Key figures

  • 85 TWh
    WAPP Consumption 2022
    28 TWh
    Total Energy generated Q2 2023
  • 14 GW
    Peak load Q3 2023
    14 GW
    Available Capacity Q3 2023
  • 26 TWh
    Hydro Energy Generated 2022

Technical and financial partners