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West African Power Pool (WAPP) - Information and Coordination Centre (ICC)

WAPP-ICC will serve as the central monitoring and electricity trading hub. By supporting the construction of the WAPP Information and Coordination Centre (ICC), the project will provide ECOWAS the means to effectively coordinate data exchange with other Control Area Centres (CACs). It will enhance a reliable and secure operation of the Interconnected Power Systems.

The ICC Project involves the construction and equipping of the ICC building in Calavi, Republic of Benin.

Objectives of ICC

  • To promote operational coordination between Transmission Owning/Operating WAPP Members and actual day-to-day information sharing/exchange between WAPP Operational Coordination Centre;
  • To facilitate efficient trading of power between entities in the different countries that are interconnected in the region.

Responsibilities of ICC

Collect, analyse and disseminate

Collect, analyse and disseminate the information needed to gauge the evolution of interconnected electricity generation and transmission systems in the region


Monitor the development of the national electric power sector in ECOWAS Member States in order to forewarn the risks of performance deficiencies and to provide them with corrective measures

Analyse the visibility

Periodically analyse the economic and technical viability of cross-border electricity trading arrangements among Transmission Using Members

Facilitate the development

Facilitate the development of technical norms and standards for the collection and treatment of useful information for the efficient operation of the national and interconnected networks


Support and monitor the technical performance of the electricity utilities

Publish and distribute

Publish and distribute printed reports as necessary

Develop and maintain

Develop and maintain electronic databases of relevant technical information as approved by the Executive Board.

Key figures

  • 85 TWh
    WAPP Consumption 2022
    28 TWh
    Total Energy generated Q2 2023
  • 14 GW
    Peak load Q3 2023
    14 GW
    Available Capacity Q3 2023
  • 26 TWh
    Hydro Energy Generated 2022

Technical and financial partners