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WAPP Integration Project

31.03.2017 |


To ensure the secure and reliable operation of the WAPP Interconnected System

Project Status

Funding secured by WB within the framework of CLSG Interconnection project. The service contract related to the synchronisation study and the supervision of the installation of the equipment is ongoing. Measurements have been performed on selected generation units of the WAPP system. The data report has been issued and validated in March 2016. The interim report has been issued and validated in September 2016

Follow up Actions Required

WAPP to follow up the study


In service year 2015
Project Cost 18
Funds Secured 18
Funding Sources WB

Key figures

  • 16 789 772 MWh
    Énergie totale générée au Q4 de 2020
    17 060 020 MWh
    Consommation EEEOA Q4 2020
  • 10 641,74 MW
    Charge maximale Q4 2020
    12 600 MW
    Capacité disponible Q4 2020
  • 20 738 918 MWh
    Hydro Energy a généré 2020

Partenaires techniques et financiers