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31.03.2017 |


  • To provide to the WAPP Information and Coordination Centre (ICC) the means to efficiently manage all information necessary to stakeholders
  • To support the National Utilities and Control Area Centres (CACs) in the operation of the interconnected system
  • To support the regional regulator to fulfil its mandate
  • To establish the electricity market in the ECOWAS region

Project Status

The contract for the construction of the WAPP Information and Coordination Center (ICC) located in Calavi was signed in August 2016. The completion of the building is planned in 2018. The contract for equipment and software is being signed by the contractor sélected. The completion of the equipment installation is expected in 2019

Follow-up Actions Required

WAPP to continue to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the project


In service year 2018
Project Cost 41
Funds Secured 41
Funding Sources EU

Key figures

  • 16 789 772 MWh
    Énergie totale générée au Q4 de 2020
    17 060 020 MWh
    Consommation EEEOA Q4 2020
  • 10 641,74 MW
    Charge maximale Q4 2020
    12 600 MW
    Capacité disponible Q4 2020
  • 20 738 918 MWh
    Hydro Energy a généré 2020

Partenaires techniques et financiers